Our Place In the Universe

My Universe (poem)scaled

Since the beginning, we have looked to the heavens instinctively, seeking answers to explain our world and origins. One truth cannot be denied, we are made from the same stuff as the stars above and surely the laws which govern the heavens must also apply to us…

Light travels the eons of space and time…the indelible book of the universe…the link between the past and the present.
Nothing that transpires in the universe is lost…be assured…there is a lasting purpose.
The purpose of life is the gathering of information which allows the universe to learn about itself…a living organism of which we are a part. 
Information is not lost in the universe but fluctuates between the states of matter and energy, recycled in space and time within the celestial phenomenon known as the Black Hole.
After a star has faded the light from its existence still lives on and thus the information about its existence perpetuates but in another form. To the stargazer, billions of miles away, the star still shines. Thus, it can be said that the state of existence in the universe is merely a positional phenomenon, associated with space, time and frame of reference. It therefore stands to reason that in the universe, the light describing our own individual existence continues in the same way. That individual light is surely the spirit, the essence of a life, to which many religions refer … lasting and so much more than the material from which it was created.

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