Choosing Telescope Eyepieces


The eyepiece is the single most important piece of equipment that you can buy and its appropriate choosing can either “make or break”, degrade or contribute to, the quality of the optical system of the telescope. As important as it is to research the information before buying a telescope so it is with the choice of eyepieces.
Concisely, the qualities which the consumer should look for in an eyepiece can be summed up by the following: sharp, bright, contrast, suitable field width, flat, comfortable, durable construction and affordable. See More Info- The qualities of an Eyepiece
The most expensive eyepieces are not always the best. One type of eyepiece can be perfect for one telescope but not another. Eyepieces must be chosen on the basis of more factors than just final magnification. Approach the decision from the perspective that the eyepiece is only one component of a complex viewing system. Consider the eye, the eyepiece and the telescope as a unit. While a camera is able to create an image with a telescope, the eye cannot on its own. Unlike a camera, the eye cannot focus on the real image created by the telescope but requires a virtual image. The lens of the eyepiece creates a beam of light from the real image produced from the telescope. A virtual image is then created in the eye from this beam of light.
Besides knowing about the available types of eyepieces (features, pros and cons) you must have knowledge of the terms and definitions in order to do simple calculations so you can make suitable choices for both the telescope and observer. Eyepiece fabrication and physical features can be as important as the lens system itself. Realize also that no lens is perfect and hence eyepiece designs are subject to inherent flaws. Knowledge of the more commonly seen design defects and aberrations would also be important to have under your grasp.
An almost over whelming assortment of eyepieces varying in quality, design and price are available today. Not all eyepieces will work with your telescope let alone serve your visual needs. In general the cost rises with the quality but given the vast array of eyepieces, a good compromise between cost and quality can certainly be attained. The best choice will be one that strikes a balance between fulfilling the optical potential of telescope and the comfort a
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