Orion Nebula

The Constellation of Orion and a close up of Orion’s Sword
Image Courtesy of SkySafari 5 Pro.www.SkySafariAstronomy.com 

 The Orion Nebula is found in the Constellation of Orion (The Hunter) and is one of the brightest nebula in the night sky, a nursery for stellar formation.  It can be seen with the naked eye under bright skies as a “fuzzy light” in Orion’s Sword. The constellation can easily be found if you look for a diagonal line of 3 bright stars which is Orion’s Belt.


IMG_0972 edit5best by far

The Orion Nebula – Sept 2017:  Canon 70D EOS, 200 mm lens, less than 10 exposure



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