Slide Show (8 frames):   Constellation Cetus and my annotated image

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The slideshow above includes my images of the region of the Constellation Cetus taken with the Canon 70D EOS camera, annotated by Astrometry.net and sky chart images Courtesy of SkySafari 5 Pro.www.SkySafariAstronomy.com
The image of the sky in the Constellation Cetus was created with the Canon 70D camera. My mount was very crudely polar aligned as it turned out that night. I do not have visibility of the Pole Star and cannot do drift alignment using stars near the meridian because due South there are trees blocking the view from my balcony. As a result, only 5 second shots were taken before too much drift was noticeable in the image. I stacked these images on the fly in Astrotoaster  and processed in Lightzone and Windows 10 PhotoEditor. I did not expect much detail but was pleasantly surprised as on top of it all it was an over cast sky.
The image was annotated by uploading the jpeg image to the Astrometry.net website. Also, the software, SkySafari Pro 5 was used to frame the camera fov and to illustrate the location of the DSO in and around the vicinity of Cetus.


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