Albireo is a double star in the Constellation of Cygnus …a pair of stars, the cooler Albireo A, which is amber color and with a magnitude of  3.1 and the hotter Albireo B which is sapphire color and with a  magnitude 5.1. Actually Albireo A was itself found to have a companion star… so therefore there are actually 3 stars in the system. Albireo A and B take 100,000 years to revolve around one another and are 430 light years away from Earth.

When viewed by the naked eye, Albireo appears to be a single star. A magnification of about 30X will be enough to split the stars.

Albireo- 2017-10-02 Lunt telescope 70 mm, 420 mm, ZWO 224 camera

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