GoTo Mounts For the Telescope

 A GoTo Mount is a mount with a built in computer that can be pointed at a specified target when supplied with the current date, time and location. This information can be entered manually or automaticaly by a GPS. Such mounts have several advantages. They allow less time spent on finding an object and more time oberving or imaging. Also if the beginner is less familar with the night sky this type of automation in finding sky objects can be very helpful. The Go To Mount is able to point to objects that would be too faint for the observer to see and is a benefit during imaging sessions for the purpose of initially finding the object. Some GoTo Mounts are able to give a guided tour of the sky and with narration.

The newest GoTo mounts can do all of this without the need of an equatorial mount, polar alignment and star alignment on the part of the user as the computer can be programmed to know the position of the scope by using guide stars.
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